Continuing Education

Knowledge is Power

Meeting re-licensure requirements should be an easy way to build upon your knowledge and stay up to date with advances in materials technology and procedures.

As a leading implant specialty lab, we feel a responsibility to help dentists, dental assistants and administrative staff remain current with the latest trends, techniques and technologies related to restorative dentistry and dental surgery. That’s why we offer continuing education (CE) courses on a regular basis, and in convenient locations.

To maximize the value of CE to dental professionals and support staff, we bring you the leading experts in restorative dentistry, dental surgery and related areas. Our commitment to excellence enables you to obtain the most up-to-date information and immediately apply it to patient treatment plans.

We believe that dental professionals who share our commitment to education, and to the possibilities it opens, are the best people to serve. We welcome your participation in our CE courses and look forward to strengthening or initiating ties through the exchange of valuable knowledge.

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